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Trains from Saint-Petersburg to Novorossiysk

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Railroad route Saint-Petersburg - Novorossiysk overview

Train categories on a route between Saint-Petersburg and Novorossiysk

Regular Trains

Regular Train is historically the first class of trains, nowadays is the most common type of train in Russia that can take you to almost everywhere, slow and reliable. Such trains run at a speed of about 60-80 km/h and make stops at all (or most) stations on their route. Stops can be either for 1-5 minutes, or for 20-30 and even for an hour and a half. Check the train route and duration of stops using the ROUTE button next to each train.

Regular Trains between Saint-Petersburg and Novorossiysk depart a day, covering the whole route from 1day 14h 59min to 1day 15h 26min.

Regular Trains between Saint-Petersburg and Novorossiysk have the following numbers: 043С

Interesting fact: at long stops, passengers of Regular Trains often go to the platform and buy traditional pies or local crafts from Babushkas on the platform.
Important: at stops, do not go far from the train! You may not notice the train departing and your personal belongings will go on a trip without you, and you can stay at this station for several hours or even days. Your ticket will not be valid for traveling on the next train and you will have to buy a new ticket at the box office of this station. The staff does not speak any language other than Russian.

Tickets for the Regular Train are usually cheaper (compared to other classes of trains or plane tickets). Regular Train on the route from Saint-Petersburg to Novorossiysk have the following ticket classes:

    Classes of tickets on trains between Saint-Petersburg and Novorossiysk


    Плацкартный вагон - один из самых бюджетных вариантов. Несмотря на отсутствие перегородок, вагоны достаточно комфортны, а общение с интеренсыми соседи может сделать время в пути незаметным.


    Оснащенное кондиционером купе с двумя комфортными кроватями. Постельное белье включено в стоимость билета. В зависимости от поезда и вагона могут быть доступны питание, путевой набор, телевизор или пресса.

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